Mid South Predator 

      Predator control work,
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                    Predator and Nuisance Control
                                           in West Tn

We are Permitted by TWRA and insured in the State of TN to control all types of wildlife.  We are located in West TN in Henderson County, but we do control work in most West TN counties.

If you are having a problem with squirrels or other critters in your attic or living in the crawl space under your house?  Give us a call @ 731-614-2531 or email us anytime.

Beaver flooding your timber or crops?  We have done beaver control work for 20 years and have cleaned out some nasty places. Even came in after others, so just because you have had a trapper in there, doesn't mean it can't be completed.

We offer a wide variety of nuisance control work:

     Beaver control
     Nuisance control

  Nuisance control (raccoons,                                                                  Predator control work (coyotes
 opossums, skunks, squirrels                                                                   foxes, bobcats and otter)
               and more.