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On this page you can choose a plan from Mid South Predator Control that suits your needs, or  you can contact us and we can create a specific plan just for you.  Our clients expect and see
results, don't hesitate to contact us for your predator management needs.

Nuisance and predator control plays a vital role in managing your wildlife.

Predator control plans: each plan can be booked for a one time trip, or be on a yearly contract.
                           Pricing varies depending on Plan, distance to travel and lodging.
                                                 Email or call 731 614-2531 for pricing

7 days - this plan is the minimum number of days we offer to clients. We will schedule this to work around your needs providing the dates are not booked already.

10 days - this plan is recommended due to the travel habits of predators, and weather conditions that may effect trapping conditions.

Yearly - this plan can be either the 7 or 10 day plan scheduled for multiple years to help keep predators from increasing in population year after year.  These plans can also include quarterly inspections.

Annual - this plan is the best we offer, we will trap year around to eliminate established home range predators on and around your property and help prevent others from moving in through out the year.

Training - We can also train your land manager our methods of predator control.  Contact us for options that will help you.

-We will help you with getting the correct equipment needed for you to control the predator population on your hunting grounds.

Too many predators in your areas can spread disease as well as mange.  I caught 8 coyotes off this farm with mange, including this one.

We do all types of predator or nuisance control work.
By clicking the link, You can purchase trapping videos to increase your knowledge about trapping to help reduce the predator population on your land.