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Personal Instructions with James Lord

Want to shorten your learning curve?
How about trap Bobcats, Coyote, Fox, Beaver and Otter with no limits?

Yes, you can get personal instructions from James Lord during trapping season on his trap line.  There are a limited number of slots due to several factors.  Although James does run a line during the trapping season, he does full time predator control, has a family and helps with the "Bird Farm" his wife operates. 

James has years of experience trapping and has also learned from some of the best trappers in the country.  He is very knowledgeable in the trapping of Beaver, Otter, Coyote, Fox and Bobcat and you are able to choose what type of trapping you want to do, land or water.  He will show you his methods of trapping and why he chooses certain locations for each target animal.

You can choose as many days as you want to stay as long as the dates are operable.

It will be your choice on how many days you want to spend with James, which of course will dictate the price. In fact, there are several factors that will dictate the price.

In Tn the out of state trapping license is $201.00    If you just want to observe/learn  and not trap or keep any fur which keeps you from having to purchase the Out of State trapping license then your TOTAL costs will be cheaper.  By total costs, I mean your expenses for the trip will be cheaper.  If you choose to trap and keep your fur, you MUST purchase the license before hand and will be verified before trapping begins, again  The cost of an out of state trapping license purchased at any License Retailer is $201.00.

It will be your choice of Fur Bearers and if scheduled early enough your choice of dates as long as they coincide with Trapping Season in TN. (No Holidays)

*Fees vary from $250.00 a day to $350.00 a day depending on what you want to do.  Call James at 731 614-2531 to discuss *options

See *Personal Trapping Instructions page for purchasing or viewing Packages available.

Trapping days will consist of 10+ hours a day on the trap line.

Bring a friend for an additional $100.00 per day (if your "friend" is a child under 10 ask for a "special" rate)  "Friends" are subject to the same terms and laws as everyone else.

A deposit is required and is refundable only if canceled 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date.

Trapping days will be 10+ hours. If land trapping you may bring your own set making tools. If water trapping you must bring your waders and water gloves.  All Traps for land and water will be supplied.

For Training or instructions on your land, give us a call for any information you need.

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