Mid South Predator 

      Predator control work,
Trapping videos, Information
             and Training

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes to a certain extent we do. We obviously cannot predict nor control the weather, which has a major influence on animal behavior and movements. If we see the forecast to be extremely difficult prior to starting a job for a client we may try to reschedule for your benefit.
How many predators can you remove from my property?  
This will vary depending on several factors.  Number of predators on or traveling or
through your property.  How big your property is also plays a factor.

How long does shipping take?

Priority shipping is generally 2 days.  Regular USPS shipping may take up to 7 days.

I ordered a video 4 days ago, why haven't I received it?

Most orders will be processed within 24 hrs.  If received early during the day, most will ship out that day.  If you paid for priority shipping, the order is processed in 24 hours, generally from the time you order it will take 3 days minimum to receive your order.  Once again, regular mail will take up to 7 days.

What are your videos about?  What do they cover?

Under the "Products" page, there are brief descriptions of what each DVD covers.  If you have a specific question about something that might or might not be in the video, please feel free to send an email to jlord2003@aol.com

Is there a discount if I order all 4 DVD's

At this time, there is no discount for ordering all 4 unless you are a dealer, then wholesale prices will incur.  In the future there may be a "sale" price for minimun of 2 DVD's for retail purchases.

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