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These are some of the comments made by customers that purchased videos made by James Lord
"J lord's first video is very detailed for beginner and up.... you will not be disappointed."
"I know I sure enjoyed his video Runnin with JLord.Great video and I'm sure these will be just as great. "
"Anything jlord puts out will be worth while, I guarantee it! "
"Really enjoyed Jlords first dvd. I can honestly say it increased my yote catch. Just one simple little piece of info changed my set up a little and it made a 30 yote difference. I will be ordering his new dvd. J you da man! One of my two favorite yote dvds."
"When I got Home from the SE NTA, I watched both of my new JLord vids...Very, Very, Nice!

Packed with a ton of good stuff!...gonna have to watch a few times to get all the info out.

Good Job James...I'll be the 1st to order your next Videos. Until then, I'll keep hitting the Replay Button..."  Matt Ragland
"Well, I just finished viewing Jlords new videos and thought Id give my professional opinion. Being a profesional armchair trapper and having watched MOST of the videos on the market,I feel I can offer a fair opinion......

First of all, I really enjoyed James first video,Runnin with Jlord. TONS of info on a 2 disc set. Most video makers would have made 2-3 or even 4 videos from the info and footage he had on the first video.

The 2 NEW videos, Runnin with Jlord 2 Beaver and Otter Trapping and Bobcat Trapping with James Lord both lived up to my expectations. I really enjoyed both videos and again James has made QUALITY videos priced RIGHT! $30 a piece from his website,(Jlordvideos.com)quick shipping too.

As most already know, James is one of, if not the premiere cat-man. The guy thinks,studies and I believe is half bobcat! The knowlege and ability to trap cats really shows on the cat video. James has the gift to explain and teach cat stuff where even I can understand cats. Again, the Bobcat video has enough stuff to make 2-3 videos and James has rolled it into 1.Ill give it 5 out of 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

The first video hinted and most anxiously awaited the release of the beaver and otter video.Again, James produced a WINNER! A surprise with a snared beaver and the white otter were worth the price of the video alone. The otter info in this video was priceless! Pros and novice alike will learn from one of the best guys out there. 5 out of 5 and 2 thumbs up!

Thanks James for putting out videos that DONT make me feel like Ive wasted my money and time."    Scott Wilson
"James i want to thank you for the video,it is every thing you said it was and thank you for being honest about it ,there are so many videos out there that is not what iam looking for but this is a very good video.I would like to order the rest of your videos that you have and when you get the k9 video i would like to order a copy. Thank you James."   Bobby Evans
"His abilities as a trapper and the manner in which he "teaches" surpass many.........
Im glad he has taken the time to create his dvd's, excellent knowledge passed on for a very fair price !"
Comments on the new Canine Trapping DVD.
"Great video falls right in line with your other ones! Too many people try to make the perfect set, you show great locations and great sets to catch the critters in! Your idea of the KISS sets are the reason I find your vids the best on the market! Hats off to you for showing misses, dug up traps and grinners!

Great job again!"   - Scott
As always,  You will not be disapointed.  Good Job James.   -Eric
 James, just wanted to tell you how much my boys and I enjoy your trapping videos. We just watched your canine video tonight, what a great quality production. Juust wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work, we will be waiting patiently for the next one! -  Matt

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